Coin Mania: Dozer Fun

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앱 설명

In this epic free dozer game, you will play as a little boy named Ethan who wants make efforts to repair grandpa's farm. Try to push off as many as shiny coins as you can, enjoy the fun with more and more coin collection. During pushing, more than 50 super fine collections will appear on the board, collect them set by set, win bonus abilities for you.
Noticing that delicious letter cookie? Yes! They not only taste good, but also come with a surprise reward by collecting all of them.
Not only that, our game also offers many interesting challenges for you; try to get all the achievements to lighten all badges and get rich rewards.

Make sure to push them towards you because if they fall off the left or right side they are gone and don’t count.

If you run out of coins, don't worry! You get more for free all the time. Don’t forget, if you are impatient you can always buy coins from the store.
Game offer:
 Easy to start and smooth control brings you lots of fun.
 Impressive 3D graphics and amazing realistic physics.
Over 50+ super fine collections, 20 challenge achievements with interesting look.
 Integrated with facebook social networking functions. You can play with family and your friends form facebook. More friends, more fun!
 3 mini-game and huge rewards.
 High quality audio effects and visual effects that recall your childhood memory about the country club from your hometown and its coin machine.

More new features such as 3D touch, Force Touch, new stage, bonus abilities will be available soon.

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