Govi Mithuru

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앱 설명

Govi Mithuru is a mobile advisory service for farmers under the theme ‘Securing Crop and Family Health’. It was initiated to address the information gap existing in the sectors. Information is provided to farmers and home gardeners, customised as per each farmer’s need (stage of cultivation, location, type of irrigation, seed type and many other relevant indicators), which they can access by simply dialing ‘616.’ Content is mainly provided by the Department of Agriculture Sri Lanka and other authorised bodies. The interactive voice response service is currently used by over 600,000 farmers across the island.

The Govi Mithuru app allows users to access content at any given time, in both Sinhala and Tamil, providing a wide variety of key solutions, including new categories such as pest and disease-management, in an easily understandable manner, through multimedia content. The service is ‘data-free’ for Dialog users. Govi Mithuru is continuously updated to ensure that farmers have access to the latest information, with timely updates to both existing content and information on a wider range of crops.

Key features:

The app provides push notifications with key information, customised with respect to each farmer’s individual farming practices, and the respective agro-ecological zone the farmer resides in.
Another key feature is the disbursal of emergency alerts related to ever-changing agricultural conditions, including pest attacks, incidence of disease and other risks, allowing early warnings and adequate time to respond.

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