Master craft - Crafting & Building

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앱 설명

Master craft - Crafting & Building is a sandbox building game with 3D programming that creates an endless world. New building simulator game for everyone who wants to build their own city.
- Crafting 3D building game for free
- Play for free Master craft - Master craft - Crafting & Building
- RPG elements
- Master craft - Crafting & Building
- Explore the world in games that contain rpg elements
- MULTIPLAYER beta mode to CHAT with real people online
- Explore the Large World
- Conspiracy and destruction of everything
- Build your own shelter
- Exploration into crating and building
- Collect resources to survive
- Against the enemy
- Creative mode to arouse your imagination.
Master craft your city Crafting & Building is a fascinating game: you will never want to play other games.
Decorate your Master craft - Crafting & Building with your furniture and theme: this is your city and you can do whatever you want! When you're ready, you can start special constructions: the Eiffel Tower, an airplane, or even ... a football stadium.
In the multiplayer beta mode of Master craft - Crafting & Building, you can play against real people online:
- Join a world with other players to show off the best buildings together.
- discussing game features and game tasks in chat in real time
- give advice online for how to build their shelters / houses / towns!
- fun with friends
- Get the best experience
► In Survival mode, players must collect resources, hunt, create objects, build buildings, fight enemies, fight hunger and explore the world to survive and prosper.
► In Creative mode, you focus on creating new creativity by building the most complex structures you can dream of.

Be creative! Satisfy your imagination
Play without limits
Discover the contest
Download the FREE 2020 game now
Master craft - Crafting & Building and show the world your best plays and works.

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