Chart My Golf Deluxe

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앱 설명

A graphical golf scorecard to show all your golf statistics, including worldwide handicaps. You choose the detail of your golf stats from simple to in-depth.

STOP! Do not throw your putter into the lake. Save on expensive bar tabs at the 19th hole as you try to drown your sorrows. Instead, use Chart My Golf to help you find the strengths and weaknesses in your golf game. It is not just a scorecard.

Chart My Golf is a powerful graphical golf statistics scorecard app to help improve your handicap. Chart your golf stats; strokes, putts, fairways hit, greens in regulation, sand saves, up and downs, scrambles and many more.

Track golf handicaps. All major world handicap systems are included. You can even write one of your own using our unique formula writing software.

Chart My Golf sets itself apart from other golf stats apps as it specializes in the graphical representation of your game. It is a scorecard and so much more. Bar charts, pie charts and tables are all used to track your golf statistics. You can even analyze each nine of your game. This is perfect for nine hole courses. Detailed pie charts are given for each hole, for every aspect of your game. Track as much or as little as you want. You can include or exclude fairways hit, putts, sand saves, greens in regulation, up and downs, scrambles, penalties at any time.

Chart My Golf also gives you a scorecard with colored backgrounds to show par, birdies, eagles, albatrosses and the dreaded bogeys. Your out and in-nines are also shown. It is just like the scorecards you see on the television.

Detailed tables cover every aspect of your game. Nothing is left out in these tables; from your tee shot to your last putt. We have even added to the standard golfing definitions to cater for amature golfers. For example GIR+1 is greens in regulation plus 1. Bogey golfers are more interested in whether they are getting to the green in one stroke more than is expected, rather than the typical green in regulation.

In-depth cross golf course analysis is also provided. Compare your data across every course you play.

For each golf course you can rank each hole in order of difficulty using Chart My Golf's unique Personal Stroke Index. Compare this with the course's official Stroke Index used in handicapping. Which holes can you pick up shots? Where must you play safe so your scorecard is free from those dreaded bogeys?

The recent rounds bar chart even shows your own personal Moving Average based on the same technologies found in Wall Street share analysis. If your rounds are dipping below this moving average you are improving, if they are going above you need some more lessons with the local professional. Visualize a problem before it becomes a trend. Again, every aspect of your game can be analyzed in this way, Chart My Golf does not just limit itself to strokes for these charts. Bar charts are also provided for greens in regulation, sand saves, putts, fairways hit, up and downs, scrambles, penalties and many more.

Maximize your practice sessions in the areas in most need of improvement. A brighter future should soon be yours. The rain clouds will disappear and the sun will shine.

Contact Us: . We are always happy to help if you have questions or spot errors.

Designed for Android phones and all tablets.

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