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Do you want to become more popular at Tik Tok / Musical.ly? Download our application now and start quickly gaining followers and likes! It is free and safe. We do not ask for a password. Just turn over the card and find out how many fans you won 💯 No real money and coins are needed here. Why boost followers if you can win them? Watch the video to play again and win more fans.

After you win, we will show you the best combination of hashtags that can give you millions of TickTok subscribers. The more times you win, the better hashtags we will find for you! We do not help boost likes or subscribers to Tick Tok, we select hashtags and show your profile in our communities (there are already more than 1 million of us).

Our application is a guarantee of security, as we do not ask you to enter a password for your account. Never trust applications that request an account password!

Disclaimer: TikBooster is the third party app and is not affiliated in any way to Tik Tok / Musical.ly. "

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