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Datezone is a dating app for adults looking for one night stand, meetings with no strings or someone for serious relationship. Do you want to have an adventure, flirt or meet someone special? Are you looking for casual date or friend with benefit? You will find an ideal partner at Datezone. Our app has almost one million users and the selection is real huge.

Check Datezone app possibilities:

Over 900k real, active users looking for a date, adventure and flirt

Hot pics - millions of photos of beautiful girls and handsome guys. Browse hot, sensual and spicy photos, comment, rate and chat up. There is no place for prudery in Datezone

Private videos - watch private videos added by users themselves. Daily updated materials and private spicy videos. Let yourself get carried away into fantasies

Live chat - just feel like chatting or flirting with someone? A spicy chat with a stranger? Nothing could be simpler. Make interesting friends, chat and arrange dates in the real world. Find out how easy it is to pick up a girl in Datezone

Livecams - do a live show for all users or for person you pick. Arrange an intimate show for the user who caught your eye. Be the center of attention, demonstrate your goodies and let others to admire you

Discover the advantages of Datezone:

For free. Datezone app are designed to connecting people with similar liking and preference. Thanks to us, every day, thousand of people find their ideal partner for one night stand or for longer. Our mission is foster to making new friends, that's why Datezone application was, is and will be completely free.

The perfect match at your fingertips. Such a great number of users in one place is a wide range of possibilities even for the most demanding. An appearance, age, preference and purpose of relationship - even choosy users will easily find someone for themselves. Browse profiles, rate photos and make new contacts in one place.

Guarantee of experience unforgettable experience and making new, promising acquaintances. You will meet people with whom will connect you a casual relationship, an exciting adventure or maybe romance and friendship. You will try new things, see how others do it, realize your fantasies and get rid of restraints.

Anonymity, trust and security are the basis of our application. Each profile is verified in terms of credibility, that's why you meet here only real people. You can feel safe with us because discretion and privacy are the basis for us. You decide who and what will see in your profile.

No age and regional limits, no taboos. At Datezone, you will meet people of all ages, from all over the world. We create a community where everyone has a chance to find someone who meets his expectations. No matter how old is he, where he lives and what his preference are.

Additional opportunities of VIP and SUPER VIP account. Purchase additional options and join our elite group of VIP account owners. What will you get? It will make your profile more visible for those you care about. What will you gain? “Verified profile” status for ever, unlimited conversations and utterances, showing who visited your profile, opportunity to hide your age, option of adding private personals visible to all users, displaying your messages before others.

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