Kuwait Driving Licence

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앱 설명

The main features of this app are:

Kuwait driving licence test
Kuwait driving license Arabic
Kuwait driving license English
Kuwait driving license fine
Kuwait driving rules and regulations
Kuwait driving license fees
Kuwait driving license exam
Kuwait traffic signs
Kuwait road signs

Kuwait driving licence app is the only application that you need to clear your driving license theory test.
Even if you are registered in a Kuwait driving school you can use this application to practice more and evaluate yourself.
The application supports Arabic and English language. This is for sure a Kuwait driving license app for expats.

If you ever had a question how to get a Kuwait driving license then the answer is this application.
This application has explained everything: how to apply for a license, the required documents, the age limit and what are the some must follow rules.

The second part of this application is Kuwait traffic signs and road signals. We have explained each road signs in details.
You must not violate these traffic signs and signals. In case of violation, you may lose your driving license.

Breaking traffic rules and damage to others is a punishable act. There is a complete section about traffic rules and laws.
This app has clarified each and every rule very clearly and what could be consequences if you failed to follow these rules.

We wish you all the luck and hope you can clear the test in the very first attempt. Your suggestions and comments are always welcome.

It is not an official application. The main purpose of this application is to help you in Kuwait theory and signal test. You can not use it as evidence or for legal purposes. For better understanding, read the official driver's manual.

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