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앱 설명

The only app you need to prepare for your Theory Test. Suitable for car drivers.

We’ve helped over 1 Million people passtheir test first time. Here is how we do it:

* Exclusive content, only in this app - Unique realistic questions not found anywhere else. These questions really make the difference when it comes to your final test.
* Full DVSA material - in addition, we licensed all DVSA content, to help you prepare further.
* Hazard Perception Test - All 34 CGI (including newly released clips) and 17 non-CGI clips.
* Constructive Explanations - Understand the reasons behind answers.
* Progress Tracker - You can see your scores per test, per category, overall progress. Every metric to help you measure your improvement and performance.
* Challenge Bank - Go over the questions that you found the toughest, to make sure that you remember and nail them in the final exam.
* Dark Mode - Easy on the eyes at night to help you stay relaxed.
* Clean user experience and modern look, and an app that just works.
* Updated with latest learning material.
* Use without internet.

Guide to use:
Simply download the app for free and follow instructions to set up. We strongly suggest to complete all sections of the app (both Theory & Hazard Perception). Use progress tracker to see when you are ready to book your theory test.

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