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Cat Angel: Match 3

가격: 무료

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앱 설명

You are a Cat Angel, and your mission is to feed catsies and kittens with various food. Travel across different towns and discover a wonderful story of Cat Angels!

Game genre - puzzle.

Simple and clear game play! Connect food pieces of similar type and feed our lovely cats!
Take part in a trip across the towns all over the world, and find out interesting stories of Cat Angels!
Put together a team of Cat Angels, with every Angel having its unique abilities.
Complete all puzzle levels.
Unblock various unique achievements! For example, “I'll paw the clouds away!” – guess how you can you get! It's rather easy and funny!
Become the Top Rank Cat Angel!

Complete Level 3 with 3 stars, and for the first time you’ll get Goldfish which you can exchange for unlimited life (for 2 hours) or useful boosters.

Interesting music themes help you to feel the vibes of the game and a town story.

You’ve got an opportunity to complete daily special tasks. Fulfill a task during the day, and you'll get an additional and very enjoyable award. One of the funniest tasks is to find 20 cats and stroke them. If a catsie mews in replay and shows you a heart, it means it is happy, and you can look for a next one.

Good luck, Cat Angel! Now we are fellows. Feed them all! MEOW!

“Cat Angel: match three” - a free game but some elements can be bought for real money.

If you have any questions, ideas or you want just to chat to the Cat Angel developers – do not hesitate to address us at

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