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앱 설명

Emporia's app turns any popular Android smartphone into an easy-to-use device that's designed to meet the needs of older users.

By reducing to just a few apps, you'll always keep track. The apps are presented as clearly understandable, color-coded icons. The menu navigation is deliberately kept simple, the most important functions (telephone, camera, internet) are always available at a glance. The large and optimized font guarantees best readability.

An intuitive, easy to understand use of smartphones. The emporia app is fun instead of confusing, uniting rather than separating, and above all gives independence.

Simple is the new smart. The advantages of the emporia app:
• Good readability, high-contrast font
• big icons; clear color and design language
• Simple structure of the three main pages: home screen, personal screen and app screen
• Facilitates usability: no erroneous moving or deleting apps
• Simple overview of the settings
• All notifications at a glance in the Info Center
• Brings independence, fun and enjoyment when using the smartphone

Home Screen
Immediate access to telephone, SMS and gallery. With a simple swipe to the right, other frequently used functions (such as weather, calculator, browser) are displayed.

The Appscreen shows the most used apps at a glance. All apps will display a list of all apps in alphabetical order.

Personal screen
A simple swipe to the left displays the personal screen that shows the most used contacts, the voicemail feature, your own number and Emporia's famous emergency system.

Installation & Storage
The installation process takes about 5 minutes, the app requires 60 MB of storage space.
Setting up contacts, ringing tone etc. takes about 15 minutes.

Access the app on phone
To fully use the emporia app, you can access these applications during installation: Calendar, Camera, Contacts, Location, Microphone, Phone, SMS, Memory.

Playstore users
If the app is installed on a used smartphone, please make sure that the PlayStore access of the future user is used.

The app is applicable to the following smartphones:
Samsung Galaxy S5
Samsung Galaxy S6
Samsung Galaxy S7
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge
Samsung Galaxy A3
Samsung Galaxy A5
Samsung Galaxy Note8
Huawei P9 lite
Huawei P10 lite

This app is not suitable for phones with dual SIM, as well as for phones whose display size is less than 4''.

Emergency function
The emergency call in the app is a quick-dial with 5 stored numbers that are called in succession. Official emergency numbers (112, 144, etc.) can not be deposited.

Customer Hotline
App users can contact the emporia customer hotline if they have any questions: 0800 4004711
(free from the German fixed and mobile network)

Information: This app uses the Device Administrator permission! emporiaAPP also includes an email application which uses the Device Administrator permission. When user sets up email account with emporia email, if email provider requires, this device administration permission should be activated.

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