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English to Tagalog Dictionary offline & Translator

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앱 설명

Tagalog to English Dictionary offline is advance & Meaningful learning Android Dictionary Application, designed to facilitate the English speaking users who are keen to learn the meanings of Tagalog words in easy and interactive way. This dictionary can be used in two modes, one is Tagalog to English Dictionary, and another is English to Tagalog Dictionary that can be switched through easy tapping via arrow present on main home screen.
This is one of the best offline English to Tagalog & Tagalog to English Meaningful Dictionary with a Simple and best UI. You can use this free offline dictionary to search words in both English and Tagalog language. You can also search any English to Tagalog OR Tagalog to English word, phrase and even sentence Online with our online English Language service.
English to Tagalog translator at dictionary can also be helpful to translate sentences from English to Tagalog and Tagalog to English.
Apart from offline Philippines dictionary & Advance online dictionary this is also a learning tool for English speakers. Through this English dictionary you get daily word & Quiz notification to increase your vocabulary and to test your learning

Further categories entail:
• Home: which allows the users to opt from their desirable language to translate and search its meanings, be in English to Tagalog or Tagalog to English.
• Thesaurus: This option is included for the ease of user to select any particular English alphabet and search all the related Tagalog words that starts from that particular alphabet, accordingly.
• Users can listen to the audio of that Tagalog word, helping them to learn the pronunciation of Tagalog word along its meanings.
• This dictionary also allows the antonyms to the selected Tagalog words.
• The Ace feature of the App is its English Keyboard, which helps the user to type English word quite easily when the user opt English to Tagalog mode in Dictionary.
• Auto search option: This option enlists all the related words which user is looking for i.e. quick access to words assisting users to search their desirable words in no time.

Other features include:
• English to Tagalog and Tagalog to English translator (English sa Tagalog translator) .This feature is able to translate words and complete sentences from Tagalog to English, and from English to Tagalog.
• To mark any word favorite that can be later find in favorite folder.
• Recent words option.
• Spell Check is included.
• Quiz of the day feature is included to check whether your grip on English and Tagalog language.
• Community is added for your easiness to interact with other people if you need any help to learn English and Tagalog
Download this free of cost learning Utility and get your hands on the smartest Dictionary towards learning Tagalog with interactive features and easy to use modes.
It will also be helpful to learn another Asian Language. You will then feel comfortable in listening, reading, writing and speaking this one of the very popular Philippine Languages..

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