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What is Fee Manager?

The Fee Manager offers a smart, convenient and effortless way to manage the fees for Schools, Educational Institutions, Coaching Centers etc. Fee Management process is used to be a hassle for them. Our Fee Manger help them to manage their fees, Due date, Send Reminders, Record Printing.

Why Fee Manager?

The Fee Manager allows school administrators to track the fee billing details of the students from the past, current and future payment receipts. The Fee Manager module streamlines the fee collection process making it paperless and eliminating manual work by more than 90%. Our system is designed to accelerate and automate the task of collecting fees and generating receipts while minimizing common human errors.

Maintain Records for Each Student

Schools can now easily maintain fee receipts and a record of outstanding fees owed by students. Generate monthly fee reports for each student based on class or course. Institutions can configure the fee collection system to match their rules and regulations.
The Fee Manager is a unique product for educational Institutions in India including Primary Schools, Secondary or High Schools, Training Centers, Tuition classes etc.

Our Fee Manager module has numerous functional features including the following:

Student Fee Management: Manage student fees very easily. View the fees paid history View the total fees received by batch and month of a student.

Maintain Records: Collect and manage student details Record Fees Payment from students and View the total fees received by batch and month.

SMS and Notifications: Allows the tutor to send fees receipts to students via WhatsApp, SMS and Email.

Secure 100%: We understand your Data is very important, Your Data is secured and stored in cloud.

Find Student: Search feature that allows the tutor to quickly locate a student across multiple batches either using the name of the student or the mobile number.

Developer Support Ready: Dedicated developer support is available any time.

Connect with us on WhatsApp +91-7045957351
WhatsApp Link: https://wa.me/917045957351

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