Female Fitness-Personal Workout

퍼블리셔: Kimberly Gravos
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

This is a completely free private fitness app that requires no need to specify a place, without any auxiliary equipment to easily meet the needs of fat reduction, shaping, daily exercise, fitness design, fitness activities cover multiple parts, including: abdomen, chest Training for many parts such as legs and hips, as a beginner can quickly master the essentials according to the content of the app, to achieve the purpose of reducing fat.
The purpose of selecting Female Fitness:
This is a product designed for women's fitness.
A completely free fitness app that gives you no worries
Exercise at any time without any fitness equipment
Reduce fat, shape, and daily exercise to meet your needs unconditionally
An exercise program based on scientific evidence to make your exercise reasonable and effective
No fitness experience requirements, professional video teaching & detailed action description

Professional fitness and weight loss program
The app provides multiple parts of the fitness action, and can customize the training plan according to the user's needs.
BMI report:
Depending on your height and weight, you can make scientific calculations of BMI values and combine exercise records in the exercise tracker to help you track weight changes.
Record your training content and training locations daily so that your training is no longer purposeless. The product also records your training often, burning calorie index, so that your training results are more clear.
Achievement function:
To encourage you to stay on exercise, we also develop an achievement incentive system that is the best proof of how you can keep exercising by constantly unlocking achievements.
If you are not satisfied with your current body, if you want to make your body more perfect, then download Female Fitness!
Your five-star rating is the biggest encouragement for us to develop good products!

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