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앱 설명

See who’s calling
You can see who’s calling you already before you answer the phone even if the number is not stored in your phone’s contact details. After the call, you can easily store the caller’s information to your phone or add the number to the block list, meaning you do not need to answer any unwanted calls anymore.

Get all contact details in Finland to your phone for free*!
Search by name, telephone number or company name or search by terms such as barber or tyre change. You will receive all contact details, address and location directly to your phone.

Update your address book
With one push of a button, you can update the addresses of all the contacts in your phone.

Search for vehicle information
With a registration number you will find out, for example, the vehicle’s ownership information and technical details, such as the make and model, the owner’s domicile and the day the vehicle was taken in use. Registration number search is a paid service, pay through your app store.

Fonecta Caller requires minimum 3G data connection to function properly. We recommend a fixed fee data package or WLAN connection.

*Using Fonecta Caller is free. However, you need a Fonecta account to register, which is subject to one-off fee EUR 0.25 because it is prohibited to give out private people’s contact details without compensation in Finland.


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