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Weather App Pro

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앱 설명

☀️ what's the weather today? This is the question you always have.
Now, Weather app will give you all answers about weather today. Stay updated with today's weather, tomorrow's weather, 3 days weather or 7 day weather. Live weather forecast is at just your finger tips.

Weather App is ad free weather channel. It gives you accurate weather and forecast details. Weather forecast for any location, either its new york weather or paris weather. Weather forecast for each and every city by GPS location. Get live weather forecast updates while moving from one location to other location. Manage as many as locations for whether forecast.

Weather app comes with beautiful widgets. Set weather widget on your home screen and make it look beautiful with latest weather live updates.

Weather app provides you detailed weather report. You get detailed forecast information like Pressure and precipitation information, sunrise and sunset time, weather radar and rain maps, weather condition, visibility distance, dew point, relative humidity.
weather updates provides you accurate temperature of any locations. Always stay updated with your day forecast and make your plans according to whether conditions.

Change weather units easily.
Temperature : choose between Celsius and Fahrenheit
Wind Speed : Mph (miles per hour) or Kmph (Kilometers per hour)
Time Format : 24h or 12h

** Weather App Features **
-- Its very fast and accurate and reliable.
-- Ad Free. Its totally ad free weather channel!!
-- Elegant and Beautiful UI/UX and beautiful backgrounds.
-- All Locations. You get weather of each and every place. E.g. New York weather, Paris weather, Toronto weather, Vancouver weather.
-- Swipe for the location to get accurate weather forecast.
-- Add widget on home screen. Wherever you go, get forecast updates.
-- Location by GPS. Turn of your GPS and get today's whether automatically by your location.
-- Current location weather automatically if you're in big cities like New York, Paris, Miami or Vancouver.
-- Today's weather, tomorrow weather, 3 days weather and 7 days weather on main screen with detailed forecast.
-- Animated weather icons.
-- Add and remove locations manually. Get weather updates from locations you only want.
-- Weather information like temperature, sun, rain, clouds, snow, wind, fog, thunder, lightning and flooding.
-- Also more subtle weather conditions like humidity, dew point, precipitation, visibility, pressure, sunrise, sunset, wind speed and direction and UV index.
-- Weather radar for rain, wind direction, snowfall, tornado and cyclone.
-- Hourly and weekly weather updates.
-- Atmospheric pressure in different units
-- Wind speed and direction in different units (kmph and mph)
-- Know sunset and sunrise time.
-- Realtime temperature, humidity, pressure, wind force and wind direction are all in this weather app.
-- Weather radar for different locations.

-- Swipe horizontally for your favorite locations.
-- Scroll vertically to detailed weather information.

We want to develop this app continuously and provide you latest updates and best design. If you like our app, please share it with your friends and family and review our app.
If you have any suggestion, please share it with us on

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