Guide For Free Fire 2020: Best Tips & Trick

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앱 설명

Guide For Free-Fire 2019 Free

In this guide, we have separated the content into
different themes.


On the one hand, in this guide for Free Fire we
have prepared great tips and tricks for those
players who
starting in this


This section is specially designed for players
who have been playing Free Fire for some time
and want to continue advancing, improving their
combat tactics, strategy and much more.

Therefore, we have separated the advanced
guide for Free Fire in 3 sections.

Guide of Arms for Free Fire.

Advanced tactics guide for Free Fire

Combat guide for Free Fire.The main aspect that a Free Fire player must
master is the choice of the best weapons to
carry in combat. It depends on him that he
knows how to defend himself and attack with
aim. So you must have find all its characteristics.

From there, there are advanced tactics that will
give a plus to become the best player in the Free
Fire game.

To finish, the combat guide for Free Fire will help
you expand your military knowledge and become
an expert in the game.


This is one of the most important points to keep
moving forward in the game. There are different
methods to get the different coins of the game
that are gold and diamonds. In our guide for free
we explain the most common methods. As we
also explain the best ways to invest money in
gold or diamonds when making your inventory

It is important that as an advanced player you
have total control over the two Free Fire maps.
It's about Bermuda and Purgatory. In this section
we will update the hottest areas so you can
decide where to land and if you want to get full in
the melee or if you prefer to go to quieter areas
to arm yourself and take resources before facing
the battle.


Soon we will update with the best vehicles for
the game and the best characters that you
should choose according to their characteristics.

not affiliated, endorsed,
sponsored or specifically approved by Garena
and Garena is not responsible for it. But at all
times respect the terms and conditions of the
content policy of Fan Free Fire

truefire guide for 프리파이어 tips for free fire

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