Flying Santa Gift Delivery: Christmas Rush 2020

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앱 설명

Kids get ready as the Christmas is coming. The most special and the beautiful holiday of the year will again be full of joy and happiness. There would be decorations everywhere in the city decorated, winter has arrived. The only thing left behind all these excitements is the Santa Claus. Here it comes a Santa with lots of gifts for the kids. Flying Santa's gifts delivery: Christmas rush 2020 is designed for the Christmas event for spread joy and happiness. So here comes a Santa in the city on the sledge with its reindeer.
Santa Claus, and his preferred reindeer is prepared for the game, so know we are waiting for Santa Claus and a reindeer to fly that sleigh to the world. On this Christmas rush, who is waiting for Santa to come up with the best Christmas gifts? Well! Good news. Flying Santa's gifts delivery is the ultimate Christmas challenge for Santa Claus.Play and be a part in spreading the wondrous joys in Santa gift delivery game for kids. Ride the Santa Christmas rush gift sleigh around the city and deliver beautiful gifts to girls and boys. your missions are to ride as the Santa and deliver these precious gifts to kids. This beautiful Christmas game provide you the role play that kids love during the Christmas rush holidays. Role play as Santa and deliver the gifts that kids love. Children are skating on snow and making a snowman in their playgrounds and your are the flying Santa for the kids to give some precious gift to them. Enjoy this Christmas rush riding your Santa delivery stunt sledge in your city collecting amazing gifts and giving them to your loved ones on given spots and try to drive safely in your snowy city roads.
Crazy Flying Santa's gifts delivery game has to deliver thousands of gifts before Christmas rush Eve and New Year's night. Get rewards after completing challenges and enjoy this Christmas rush in your city with new stunt car delivery game with Santa Claus. New Year celebrations are coming ahead so get ready for Santa Christmas gift game delivery in your city with your super speedy vehicle and new year Santa Claus Christmas rush present fun featuring game play for kids who love this Santa gift delivery games.

The snowy December as the Christmas rush festival is not so far, that brings happiness on every face of kid as they are really waiting for Santa to come and deliver the gifts. Play the flying Santa gifts delivery Christmas adventure. Gift adventures are also very funny during the Christmas rush holidays. Christmas rush adventures are coming with full of joy and excitement. Santa mask should deliver many gifts to the children in this Christmas rush season.
A special cart is designed for this Christmas rush. It is painted in red and decorated with flowers in this Christmas rush game. It gives a fun full shine and looks pretty amazing in this collect Santa gift delivery game. This special cart will go around the whole city. The Santa will ride in the cart carrying a bag full of gifts for the city's people and children. The cart is now ready to bring fun to the people in this Santa game. People are standing alongside the road to welcome Santa Claus in this Christmas rush driving game. The soft and soothing snow triggers the fun from the inside this Christmas rush game. The children are standing in their streets welcoming the Santa and receiving their precious gifts from Santa.
Features of Flying Santa's gifts delivery: Christmas rush 2020
🎄 Exciting gift delivery mission around the city
🎄 Best fun for kids and to drive a gifts car with Santa
🎄 Santa role play game
🎄 Realistic amazing Christmas rush snow environment
🎄 Multilevel gift game delivery missions
🎄 Great driving and steering controls
🎄 Enjoy the exciting music of Christmas rush
🎄 Easy and smooth to play

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