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The Chase - 2018 Traffic Games

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앱 설명

Experience one of the most cutting edge car chase games by downloading and installing The Chase – 2018 Traffic Games on your android devices. Users will be engaged in a nerve wrecking and adrenaline filled high speed chase on the highway. Users will have assumed a role of a cop who is in pursuit of terrorists. These terrorists are about to penetrate the safety of the city, as a cop, users will be involved in a chase and making sure that terrorists vehicles are destroyed even before they enter the city.
Users will need to tilt their android devices in order to keep the ride in motion on the highway. As the enemies are possibly planning to terrorize the city, users have to make sure they do not run away in this getaway chase. Keep the motion device always composed with tilt and swipe controls. To wreak havoc on the enemies, vehicles of the users are laden with destructive weaponry and mercenary. Users can seek and shoot the enemies cars on will to destroy them completely, halting their chances to getaway. Keep the pursuit and the chase alive and demolish the enemies in this high speed chase game.

How to play The Chase – 2018 Traffic Games:

• Install and open The Chase – 2018 Traffic Games on your android smartphone
• Select a traffic mission to play the game
• You also have to select a sort of a challenge that will become an environment for the chase
• Pick a weapon from the range of choices
• On the game screen, users will find many buttons on the either side of the screen through they can control the ride. Users will need use their tilt and swipe skills to keep the high speed chase afloat on the highway. Enemy vehicles can also be destroyed by the use of weapons
• Garner coins and points by shooting the right targets and upgrade your warfare and mercenary.
• Keep the chase up and enjoy The Chase – 2018 Traffic Games

What to expect from The Chase – 2018 Traffic Games:

• Impressive gameplay designed just to cater the chase and pursuit while driving through a heavy loaded traffic. Android users will be controlling the chaser as smoothly as they desire with the use of tilt and swipe skills
• Have wide array of missions, weaponry, mercenary, warfare and levels to keep you entertained during the gameplay. Android users will not stop playing the chase for countless hours
• Tempting upgrades. The upgrades are so incredible that it will feel like a real life warzone and the chase would be so thrilling that users will never get tired of staying in pursuit of the enemy ride
• Developers have made sure that this game hardly crashes while you are on your most enthralling chase on the highway. There are also no malwares, bugs and costs. Just make sure to collect as many coins as possible to advance to next round
• Be the baddest cop this town will ever see. Your shooting and driving skills must be off the hook. The city counts on you and expects you to deliver to their expectations
The developers would be delighted with your ratings on The Chase – 2018 Traffic Games. So, do not forget to rate it and recommend it to your friends circle.

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