Cat Simulator Kitty Craft Pro Edition

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앱 설명

Difference between Free and Pro Edition
- All levels are open
- 5x bigger score rewards

Cat Simulator is an arcade game, where you play as a katze kitty. You can pick from several different breed of kittens. There are 20 diffent levels / houses with gardens to play and explore. You have 6 different quests that you need to pass to complete the level. There are quests such as
- Caught swift stray mice ( mouse )
- Scratch ginger carpets
- Scratch armchairs
- Mess real food
- Destroy vases, that are destructible ( you can smash and crash all of them )
- Ride on a carrossel
- Jump on trampoline
- Push balls from slides
- Ride on skateboard
- Destroy gnome statues
- Pop balloons

You can also bully people in house such as Tom Kätzchen. If you interact with them they will say something. People in house are doing a lot of things, talking, eating, sleeping. You gain coins by moving or jumping on objects. Coins unlock other cats

- Stunning, real, beautiful HD 3D graphics
- Easy controls
- Nice music
- Wonderful cat animations

From now, you can compete with your friends in multiplayer. You can choose from 20 different levels.

You can buy many different hats, necklaces, flags, suits, glasses to your kitty. There are several cat skins to pick.

You can also buy new cat house and make life of your cat more pleasant.

You can choose between English, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, French, German, Polish, Italian and Indonesian

- Christmas Special Level
- Daily rewards

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