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앱 설명

Accountable is the financial assistant of ALL the freelancers and self-employed workers in Belgium 🇧🇪.

Accountable automates your accounting and provide you with real-time visibility on your future taxes - be it VAT, social contributions and income tax - right at the palm of your hand.

With Accountable, you can say goodbye to weekends spent preparing data for your accountant or big surprises when comes your next tax bill.

We make accounting & tax advisory 5x cheaper for self-employed workers.

Key Features:

- Connect your bank account to automate the capture of expenses.
- Create beautiful sales invoices in under a minute
- Be notified when a client pays you and stop searching for payments in your banking app.
- Import your documents from over four different channels: email, scans, gallery & all connected cloud storage systems (e.g. DropBox, GoogleDrive, etc.)
- Forecast how much you will pay for your next VAT or social contribution instalments
- Export your data at any time and share it with whoever you like, including your accountant.

Ideas & Feedback:

We are only able to create an awesome product because you give us fantastic ideas and feedback.
Email us at

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