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앱 설명

Strengthen your mummy tummy - regardless of your child’s age.


You’re probably looking forward to coming back into your old clothes. However, after a pregnancy your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles are stretched out. Doing the correct exercises will help your body regain shape and most important function.

The MamaTummy App provides exercises that strengthen your body from inside and out - safely and efficiently.

Designed by Katarina Woxnerud, a prominent training expert and mother of 2.

5 Minutes a Day:
* At home, no equipment needed
* A new session can be registered after 20 minutes

* Gentle start to help you find the correct muscles
* Every level provides additional challenge
* Before advancing to a new level, you are able to test your current skills

* demonstrated by film or photo
* clear and simple instructions
* timer that helps you keep track of the time

Learn more about MamaTummy

Comprehensible information about what the mama tummy is, what you should focus on when you exercise, how you test your abominal muscles for a diastasis recti ( separation av the abdominals ), how to implement in your everyday life.
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# Amazing tool. I wish this was here for my firstborn as well.

# Finally. Exercises that actually help.

# Not accustomed to exercising this lightly at first, but when the exercises are done correctly they really are tiring.

# Great that you do a self test after every level, so that you know your getting stronger.

# Your waist really shrinks!

Developer: Sparkling Zoo and Woxnerud

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