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앱 설명

An amazing Heavy Asian trucks are waiting for passionate free truck drivers in Heavy Truck Logging Cargo Driver android game. This is a startling truck simulation contains exciting and engaging features including Some remix music. Truck driver games are incomplete without Heavy Truck Logging Cargo Driver so be the first to hands on this loading game.

The game comprises on 20 levels including 10 Levels in Forest Mode and 12 Levels in Desert Mode with all the truck are loaded with different luggage . Your task is simple like providing cargo services and safely reaches to warehouse. Certainly the game will be over if you crash truck at any level or drop a single loaded luggage at any instance.

New Drivers are struggling to keep truck on track. After completing missions many uphill roads driving become easy and you will be good track driver. Different type of trucks are in pk cargo menu chose the one you like and small Truck for truck driver kids. Most of the trucks has pure pk games and Indian games touch. biggest truck market chose the one you like in cargo truck driver simulator.

Features of Heavy Truck luggage Cargo Driver:
• Game is designed in 3D format representing different locations of mountain truck flash.
• Truck driving simulation with cargo bot servicing
• Different lorry games magical truck loading and unloading warehouses, book cargo on trucks
• Multiple camera angles providing more fascinating driving experience
• Utmost decorated real trucks depicting truck art traditions of Pakistan
• Remix folk music in background for true truck driving sensation
• Multiple game levels for long free truck games.

Heavy Truck Logging Cargo Driver providing the real offroad sensations while playing game. There are many trucks with long trailer attached designed in purely Pakistani cultural style. Truck 1 has big trailer , in truck 2 we has tractor game to transport lugging and pass through real jungle like real jungle truck cargo driver. Engaging cargo services develops more driving craze while playing.

If you are fond of truck driving games and keen to drive heavy trucks on bumpy roads with astounding folk music than Heavy Truck Logging Cargo Driver is the right choice to sooth your urge of feeling driving a heavy traffic vehicle.

How to play:
• Select a truck of your choice from pk cargo truck menu.
• Select playing controllers, there are 3 mio controls: staring control, tilt and arrow buttons.
• Load cargo on truck from warehouse and transport in pk cargo truck driver.
• Follow map to reach final destination with tossing truck in to hills
• Wait till the fuel bar fills on petrol station in car games truck.
• While playing take care of loaded in cargo truck game.

logging heavy truck heavy algan cpec woodcutter

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