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앱 설명

Splendid Wallpapers FREE everyday! Find all you are looking for here!

It also integrates a super powerful bright flashlight and a compass perfect for outdoors!


— Well selected wallpapers for your phone or tablet.

— Just perfect sized wallpapers for a wide range of devices, nothing more, nothing less.

— In the app you will not see poor quality wallpapers, because we are not adding anything like that.

— Save battery and resources.
The app displays only adapted to the size of your screen backgrounds and wallpapers. This allows you to conserve battery power and data, and use the app at maximum speed without losing image quality.

— Current wallpaper at the moment.
We follow all the trends in the world. The new free wallpaper background you will find here. The most beautiful places in the world, city and country, animals, live, nature, technology, memes and just beautiful wallpapers free for you to use everyday.

— Easy to use and just one click away.
We tried to make it as convenient and simple app for you, removing all the excess and focusing on the Essentials — the wallpapers.

— Popular categories and tags to them.
Here you will find stunning wallpapers for your phone and tablet at a wide range of different categories.

— Let the backgrounds please you everyday!
You can set the wallpapers on the phone screen on an android or tablet. Also you can install beautiful wallpaper on the lock screen or on both screens at once.

*** Once you download pictures on your device, then internet connection is no longer required to use it again!
Download it now!

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