VR Galaxy Wars - Space & Interstellar Journey 3D

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앱 설명

Explore the galaxy, colonize new planets and test your reflexes. Take a thrilling ride through space and travel through hundreds of star systems and fight between galaxies to protect territory.

Explore space and get a little closer to our wonderful universe with this awesome astronomy app. It is a new highly attractive way to view the whole Solar system and learn a lot of interesting astronomy facts about planets and stars, dwarfs, satellites, asteroids, and other celestial bodies. Destroy every wave, rush to the level boss, advance to new worlds and become the hero of the stars.

How To Play:
- Use VR headset to explore the universe in a 3D view.
- There are three galaxies available to explore the different planets.
- Perfect your lightsaber skills by taking on some of the most menacing villains the dark side has to offer, skillfully dodging and attacking enemies.
- Target the galaxy by placing a red dot for a second and travel through hundreds of star systems.
- Move your device and find the best angle to attack and destroy stars.

- Endless runner mode with a smooth and simple spaceship control system.
- Discover unique challenges and explore various planets.
- Test your skills and sharpen your mind as a military strategist.
- Look at the enemies to shoot or look at the objects for interaction.
- An amazing 3D environment is full of action with hundreds of enemies.
- Experience frenetic combat with this VR space shooter.

A galaxy on fire full of epic space battles needs a commander like you. Find the Milky Way and enjoy its breathtaking view, navigate easily through the spectacular galaxy and fully immerse in the atmosphere of outer space.

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