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Sponge Game Station-Bob 2

퍼블리셔: OhLooops
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Do you like run games or battle run games? if yes then Welcome to the Bob Game Station: free run 2019 game, where you run & run to save banana min-ion live. Drive the min-ion banana in the road and try to score goals by firing obstacles on the way. This free run Run min-ion Run game will allow you to play both Bob Game Station games and Bubble Sponge's Party where min-ion crash is going among rival roads. Prove that you have what it takes to win in this banana min-ion sponge on the Run game.

So get ready to play Sponge's Moves In games where Bob Game Station and banana min-ion is going together in whirlpool demolition arena. You have to push, hit and damage your opponent's vehicles Pass the balls to the final to score goals. You need a daredevil driving skill who will never back out from challenging and dangerous situations. Speed up your powerful battle run sponge on the Run to destroy your rival enemies off the track with amazing crash stunts. It's all about Run min-ion Run to win min-ion banana.

Bob Game Station Mode:
Shoot the enemies and dodge the defender banana min-ion. During the game, the opponents will try to grab the Bubble Sponge's Party from your min-ion.
The time is limited to win each battle run. You have to score maximum targeted goals to win. Your score league free run will be over if you cannot defend your Sponge's Moves In goal post. Dodge the opponent by using Run min-ion Run and sponge on the Run. Stay focused and prevent their ball to get pass through your goal post.

Game Features
- Connect 4 or more linked blocks and clear them as fast as you can!
- The more linked blocks you connect, the higher your score!
- Connect 6 blocks to unlock powerful Booster Bubble Sponge's Party items!
- Receive extra bonus points for each Sponge's Moves In consecutive link combo you create!
- Each sponge on the Run character has unique skills. Select the character that best fits your playing strategy!
- Clear the blocks that contain your selected Run min-ion Run Character to fill the Skill Gauge & trigger Fever mode!
- Compete against your friends or see how you rank against players worldwide!
- Earn keys to unlock Sponge's Moves In episodes!
- Convert Link Coins into common Gold at the Exchange Center!

Features of Bob Game Station 2019 Game:
- Can be played Offline
- Kick-off the fun with Bubble Sponge's Party hit!
- This new battle run is total CARNAGE!
- Play championships in battle arenas and racing tracks
- Score goals and destroy all enemy racing rivals of Sponge's Moves In
- Realistic 2D graphics featuring gorgeous arenas and powerful enemies
- sponge on the Run game with Run min-ion Run damage & realistic banana Bubble Sponge's Party collision

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