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앱 설명

How do you do health when we’re all different?

No two people are alike, and Pulse by Prudential knows just that.

By offering relevant health insights and solutions specially for your needs. Powered by the AI-technology, Pulse is a health and fitness app that uses data to understand your unique needs as an individual to assist your journey to wellness.


* Health Assessment - Complete an online health assessment and get insights to your health through a Digital Twin.
* Symptom Checker - Understand your symptoms better and learn about potential causes, conditions and issues with easy-to-understand information when you answer a series of questions with our AI-powered chatbot. So, whether it’s chest pains, worrying cholesterol levels, a migraine, a headache or a fever - help is literally a tap away.
* Online Consultation - See a doctor, even when you feel like you can’t. Video call a doctor anywhere you are.
* Find a Nearby Clinic and Hospital - Locate the closest clinic, hospital and medical specialists based on your location.
* Health facts, tips and tricks - Whether you’re looking for guidance on diets for specific conditions such as diabetes, high cholesterol and weight loss, or tips to lead a balance and active life, Pulse can help improve your lifestyle with simple and useful health, wellness, lifestyle, medical, fitness and nutrition content.


* Want to push yourself? Take up fitness challenges to get in better shape and unlock irresistible rewards at the same time.
* Track your progress with a fitness tracker that imports health data from existing health apps and wearables. Health and fitness trackers supported currently includes Fitbit, Garmin and Google Fit for Android users. Stay tune! More device trackers such Samsung and Strava will be included in our next app update.


* Dengue Hotspot Alert - Stay alert and predict the next dengue outbreak based on your location up to 3 months in advance.
* Insan Prayers - Be notified of prayer start and stop times wherever you are.


* Pulse by Prudential is available for everyone! Yes, everyone (that means you too). The download and usage of Pulse is free of charge. Consult a doctor online at a fee of RM10 per session for non-Prudential customers, and free of charge for all existing Prudential customers.
* Simple health and fitness solutions made available on a single platform for you.
* Powered by AI-technology.
* Offers relevant insights and information that are unique to your health condition.

We are constantly improving our app and we’ve got more features coming your way. So, we’d love to hear your feedback on our app! That way, it’s easier for you to keep your health in check with a seamless experience. Just drop us a message on our feedback tab in-app when you’re ready.

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