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앱 설명

Do you get excited when you think about slime and have you ever wondered how to make slime? Kids always love fun learning activities that are easy too. Download this creative educational game and make your kid busy with this fun activity. Learn how to make slime. Educate your child how science can be so innovative that teaches us how to make slime. This is kid fun game.

Slime making is always fun and this learning game will teach you to make fluffy jelly using different and simple ingredients. Are you getting bored? Don’t worry we have something unique and kids learning activity. Do you want some creativity in your life? Get ready for this kids game. Learn how to make DIY Jelly. These types of games are very easy to play. You just need to make and play. Have fun!!!

Get the DIY tutorials so that you can learn first and then make an experiment with it in real life also!! This whole game is all about slime making. Isn’t it exciting? Yes it is. Just download it now and have fun with squishy slimy jelly. If you want some creativity in your life and want to learn something new then you are at right place. Make a six gallon slime on your phone within just few minutes.

Get the DIY games on your phone right now and make full use of it!! The game play graphics are very colorful and attractive that you will be addictive to it. You will always want to play and make slime again and again. The tutorial will guide you to the whole process of making squishy slime. The steps are easy to follow. You will going to find the uniqueness in this learning game as this is the best kids fun game and you will enjoy without getting your hand dirty!!

This is the six gallon slime maker game in which you are able to make a giant DIY jelly with some simple ingredients. Enjoy the glitter slime and play with it. Just enjoy the process with make and play. Make the jelly toy from this kids learning game. Enjoy this fun activity. Spend your time with doing something creative and educate yourself with slime making. Make and play in different interactive colors. Make a perfect one quickly. Try out the rainbow jelly toy by mixing different colors in the mixture. Explore your creativity by making different jelly toy of your own.

Follow the instructions and start the game of the slime making at home and feel free to make a six gallon slime maker without making your hand dirty. Follow the hand gestures, add the ingredients and mix well until you see a perfect slimy jelly toy is on your screen. You can see the glitter on the jelly toy that you have made.

This is the new and unique six gallon slime make and play game where you are the maker of your own huge jelly. Make different shapes and explore your creativity of colors by mixing different colors and make rainbow slime. Don’t make a mess. Just follow the instructions carefully. Make a squishy slime quickly and enjoy your creativity!! Don’t waste your time, just download this super amazing innovative colorful slime maker game for kids. Just follow the DIY tutorial and have fun!!

Tap to start the game
2 selection mode: make and play
In the making mode, make a dough.
Add the borax powder in a bowl with some water
Add milk, oil, glue and spray.
Add some colors into the mixture and mix it well
Now put the dough into the slime maker.
Six gallon Jelly toy is ready to play
Make different with your jelly

Kids fun game
Slime maker simulation
DIY tutorial for how to make fluffy jelly
Different colors to add
Fun activity and kids learning game

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