Open World Mountain Car Drive: Jeep 4x4

퍼블리셔: Rounqi Studio
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

It's time to get off the road and on the mountain tracks and enjoy mountain car drive in this thrilling offroad hill racing & jeep racing game and race off on the narrow hill tracks in your 4x4 cars in this jeep stunts game of 2020! The new open world off-road driving simulator is here! Are you ready to deactivate the rules of physics ın the environment where there are no roads and rules ! Drive your vehicle on the hills of your own open world and drive freely to the top of the mountains in this Open World Mountain Car Drive: Jeep 4x4. Beat challenges to earn money and upgrade your car. Make your mountain jeep stronger, faster, look more awesome! Earn xp to level up and get cool rewards.

Using your car's winch you can climb the highest mountains, nothing can stop you. In this off the road open world games, forget all about on the road, blocky roads, roads with heavy traffic and get off the grid to enjoy climbing car games and car climb stunt and adventure on the mountain tracks in 4x4 jeeps. Open World Mountain Car Drive: Jeep 4x4 in an awesome mountain climb game with mountain climb 4x4 and off road fun and racing stunts.

Try to be fast to beat the checkpoint reaching challenges, use your off-roading skills to reach checkpoints. You should reach the hill as soon as possible by collecting all the coins on your way, and complete the climb successfully. You have to do your best to avoid falling from a cliff and facing an obstacle, while trying to reach the hill. Open World Mountain Car Drive: Jeep 4x4 features off road driving, mounting and hill car driving. Breakthrough the blockages and move your jeep in zigzag position to avoid crashes. Finish the level in the given time and enjoy more thrilling challenges in this hill jeep & stunt racing.

Be fearless and drive in the hill jeep in this extreme jeep race and perform impossible stunts with extreme speed in this Open World Mountain Car Drive: Jeep 4x4. Become a top climber by doing real stunt and climb racing and leave your mark to show off to the racing world. In this monster 4x4 jeep race different and powerful jeeps are available to help you in racing and climbing mountains.

Features of Open World Mountain Car Drive: Jeep 4x4:

Complete range of high speed monster jeeps
Smooth, realistic and flexible monster jeep controls
Narrow and sharp sky high mountain tracks
Extreme Driving on crazy mountains
Realistic experience of racing stunt game
Challenging and engaging gameplay
Time Mode to check your stunt skills
High quality music and rocking sound
Real and Exotic stunt levels
Powerful engine for acceleration
Monster jeep drive game requires no internet connection

Install this amazing jeep game & off the road game and enjoy endless racing missions.

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