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Mirror Therapy VR

퍼블리셔: Dr. Oscar Yepes
가격: 2.80 USD

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앱 설명

Visual feedback systems are very useful strategies in the treatment of phantom limb pain in amputees the case of patients, complex regional pain syndrome and perceptual and motor disturbances that are generated after a stroke. The first described this type of system was Ramachandran in the 90s, from there have been generated other tools within the visual feedback for the recovery of these alterations.

With this application we want to merge two visual feedback tools that are mirror therapy and virtual reality. The exercises performed are simple and repetitive hand movements and what the aim is to facilitate the recovery of motor skills, reduce sensory and / or perceptual disturbances, and address the pain of the limb in cases of pain phantom limb in the complex regional pain syndrome, among others.

We have integrated therapy mirror and virtual reality which allows bring the individual to be immersed in activities that can be done with this strategy by enhancing the stimulation top-down, ie allows a novel way to stimulate directly the brain areas that control movement and from there generate inputs to the end that we want to stimulate.

Our App has two very important roles in the rehabilitation process; in the first function we Mirror therapy, in which we can see in real time the function and movement of the body part you wish to see in the mirror, and moreover by using another mechanism of visual feedback as is the observation action through motor imagery, we have the command of practices, which we can see different videos of specific movements that want to train and then perform them and thus stimulate different brain mechanisms.

This app has several advantages; It is simple, low cost and after several training sessions with the therapist can get to get positive benefits, even under the supervision of your therapist can be done by the patient at home.

For more information visit our website, or write to

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