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앱 설명

Trending Photo to video maker photo slideshow maker is one of the best applications to create videos, create movies, photo and vlog. Provide newest Thanksgiving material! With minimum operations, a spark video combined with popular themes.
The app Photo video maker, that you can easily create videos, edit videos from your own photo gallery.
You are using the best Video Editor App and Movie Maker. Everything you need to create a great video like adding music, adding text, adding effects, photo frames including in this app.
You can create photo video, music videos - slideshows. The application allows users to select music from your phone, just select your favorite photo, the slideshow video will be created. In addition user can cut audio track, extract audio from any video and mix desire audio with any video clip.

Professional Video Editing Tool:
Slideshow video maker app will procedure your precious moments like wedding/birthday/Valentine's Day/Thanksgiving Day/Christmas Eve/Christmas movie Happy New Year Video.
With this slideshow app, you can edit photos/images easily with stunning images effects. It's a photo editor app right on your hand with many outstanding features.
With an image creation tool with music and video editor, creating videos with photos, music and more is fascinating and interesting. You can create your videos with text, effects, stickers, photo filters, sound effects and almost anything you want in a creative way to have fun videos. Video Maker & Video Editor makes it easy for you to grab attention and gain more followers and likes on social media by editing your photos and clips into eye catching video.

Audio Video Mixer:
Audio video mixer feature will help user for changing background music of a video as well as one can mix audio and video. With this video editor you can add or mix any audio to a video and can mute audio of video.  

MP3 Music Cutter & Audio Editor ♪:
With MP3 Cutter and music editor user can easily trim music, merge music, mix music and accurately cut out the best part of music and set it with any video as a background music. It even supports bitrate & volume adjustment to create the highest quality melody for you!

Audio Extractor :
With this great MP3 Video Converter, you can extract music from your favorite videos and set as ringtone. It is the easiest-to-use mp3 converter and video converter. User can extract audio from one video and merge it with any other video.

Key Features of this movie creator/photo editor:
● Easy and practical slideshow editing app & movie maker
● Create videos from photos and music to save the best moments in life
● Change photos according to your own preferences
● HD export, no quality loss
● Easy-to-use photo editor, with a various photo effects
● Audio cutter, millisecond-level perfect cutting. 
● Set the speed of video fast / slow as you like by changing the time between images, up to 8s
● There's no watermark/no ads after updating to vip
● Changing the transition time and effects between images makes your video more interesting and awesome.
● Over 100 elaborate photo transitions available to create an awesome music video/movie maker/ slideshow /video maker/funny videos photo instantly.
● Many musics available. You can add local songs from your device too. Easy to shoot video or create photo movies.
● Variety of photo effects are available in this movie maker app/video editor app/photo video maker with music.
● Multiple music can be added in one video.
● Easy sharing of your videos on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

Please download and use Photo video maker, create and share videos with everyone.
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