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앱 설명

A revolutionary APP that gathers all fans of San Pablo Burgos to be united with one voice. Being unique and smarter with supporting our favorite team with everyone together in the stadium with our voice, dance and Klaps, simultaneously! Also, instant access to online store and top related news of our fav team are just within one click in S.P. Burgos Klap APP!

Exceptional cheering system in the APP brings wonderful fan experience to stadium by showing fans unity, with cheering up all together identically with available Klaps in the APP. Fans have an easy access to training section to be professional fans at anytime, anywhere.

In Training Mode page, you can choose, play and see all exclusive Klaps that prepared for San Pablo Burgos, and rate! You can practice how to sing, dance or act by playing Klaps at anytime & anywhere, to get prepared for supporting San Pablo Burgos in the Coliseum.

You can join to any match event, by entering provided Event Code and show your unique and united support all together at the same moment. Sing, dance or show your flash light in Event Mode, by seeing lyrics, dancing gif, flashlight & vibration in Event Mode page. Enjoy being unique & smart in a peerless united support for your team!

You can vote for the upcoming next Klap by choosing your favorite one, in voting moments! Voting system helps all fans to be agree for the next Klap to be performed by everyone, and once again shows how all fans of San Pablo Burgos are acting like a family.

You can have an instant access to all products and news of San Pablo Burgos, just with one click in home page. Enjoy finding your desired products and news of San Pablo Burgos instantly and easily. You can buy any product of your favorite team in Online Store, and read latest released news at any time or anywhere you wish.

* Need more help how to use? See our Help page in the APP to find the answer of your questions, or contact us!
* You can modify your information in Profile page at any time you wish.
* Have an access to control your vibration and flash light in Setting page.
* You can choose your preferred language (Castillano / English) to operate the app in Setting page.
* Invite your friends to San Pablo Burgos family by clicking on Invite Friend in Setting Page.
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