Tower Shot

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가격: 무료

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앱 설명

Your tower is under attack! The opponents are many and only you can defeat them with your godlike skills!

Tower Shot is a shooting game with simplistic controls. The shooting mechanism is remarkably smooth. If you have ever dreamed about being Master, Tower shot is definitely worth a play.

Master the art of using a variety of weapons as you shoot your way to the top!
Aim and blow your opponents away.

Tower Shot is a fun online multiplayer 1v1 game to play and challenge your friends. There are tons of iconic avatars to enjoy the fun gameplay.

Features -
⏫ Use the jump to evade projectiles!
🛡 Time the shield to block all damage!
🃏 Unlock new unique characters!
💣 Unlock new hilarious taunts!
🆚 Epic Duels with your friends!
🎁 Endless rewards for your skills!
⏳ Deceptively simple yet challenging enough level.
🕹 Simple, intuitive and smooth controls.
🏹Easy gameplay, but hard to master. Addictive gameplay
📥 Download Now & Play for Free!

The enemy force is near! Pick up your weapon and start shooting.
What are you waiting for?
Grab a weapon and let loose!
Let the adventure of Tower Shot begin!

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