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앱 설명


Share & transfer files between Android devices at lightning speeds without the Internet, Bluetooth or cables. Send & receive files, movies, videos, apps, pictures, documents over the air whilst being OFFLINE.

Share files without any limitations. Sharing files has never been this easy.


👉Quickly share photos, videos, music, apps or documents. etc anytime and anywhere in seconds.

👉Securely share files between Android devices without the internet, Bluetooth, cables or flash drives.

👉Transfer files with speeds of upto 3x faster than Bluetooth without any loss in quality.

👉Transfer files wirelessly without any limits. No internet needed!

👉View and play shared & received files.

👉Our easy-to-use & clutter-free UI makes using this app a joy.

How does SHAREgo work?

SHAREgo offers a fast, easy and secure way to transfer & share files.

Step 1: Launch the app and create a profile.

Step 2: Tap on 'Send' to send files and 'Receive' to receive files.

Step 3: Wait till the hotspot gets created at the receiver's end and select files to send.

Step 4: At the sender end, your phone gets connected to the hotspot automatically that was created by the receiver and the receiver profile picture gets displayed on the sender's screen.

Step 5: Tap on the image to create a connection between the sender and receiver via hotspot.

Step 6: The file transfer begins.👍

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