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앱 설명

Social Kindred is an application that provides you with what's going on in the world of local, live music and nightlife entertainment for Kitchener-Waterloo. There's a calendar for event listings. This allows you to see everything going on from DJ's, live bands, open stages, triva nights, comedy nights and more. You can see what's happening now and in the up coming weeks, quickly and easily.

There's a search engine for venues and artists. If you're not sure what a venue or artist is like, you can view their profiles. The profiles for venues tell you what kind of place it is, where its located and business hours. Beyond the basic information, it provides you with what's going on this week, links to their web pages, links to their social media, google maps for directions and more.

The artists pages tells you about what type of performer they are. There's bands, solo artists, duo's, DJ's, and more. The profile pages have links to their social media and lists their up coming shows.

There's also articles previewing or reviewing musical events, music venues and artists. There's reviews of restaurants and dinning experiences. We pride ourselves in objective information and dedicate our articles to informing you with what a restaurant or venue is like, not what we think it should be like.

Ultimately, this app is meant to provide you with the most information on what's happening in the Kitchener-Waterloo region in regards to music and night life. It's a great resource to follow and stay connected to your favourite venues and artists as well as discover new ones. If you're a fan of live music or you didn't know where to find live music in KW, this app is for you. We hope you enjoy using it as much as we enjoy our beautiful night life scene.

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