Cat Savior - adventure game

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앱 설명

Cat Savior is a platformer game for free which is set in the greatest adventure ever. Cat Savior is about a kitty
which is trying to save her kitten.
Wolves have stolen the kitten. And now your task is to save it and help kitty find her kitten using running,
jumping and shooting! Be careful, it’s not as easy as it could seem. But we are sure that you can overcome any
obstacles and difficulties.
If you really love adventure, running & jumping online games, then install Cat Savior right now and help the kitty

- Fight and create pathways through bugs, turtles, traps

- Break blocks to get more coins, lives or fish

- Collect coins and acceleration props to help you defeat the enemies and complete levels with three stars

- Various enemies! Fight bugs, turtles, crabs and other enemies. Look for fish to shoot or just jump on foes

- Different levels! Explore through green forests or fight in the hot desert

- More levels and features are being added every week

- Beautiful and cute graphic

- Pleasant music

- Perfect intuitive game control

- Classic platformer game

Nutty adventure game for free: run, jump, shoot. Just open and play!
to find the way to her kitten.
Saving games is absolutely a perfect choice! It combines the old school play (retro games) and arcade game
elements which you will really enjoy.
And now you can easily download Cat Savior for free! Are you ready to take an adventure in this side-scrolling
game Cat Savior?

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