PhotoSync NAS Add-On

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앱 설명

This product is the ‘PhotoSync NAS Add-On’ Activation License of PhotoSync. Once purchased, you can add PhotoSync NAS Add-On capabilities to the free PhotoSync version and remove ads.

★ Over 10,000 positive reviews, thousands of happy users and millions of photo transfers
★ Number one cross-platform solution with native apps for Android, iOS, Windows & Mac
★ Reliable and secure software – operating 8+ years in the market and continuously updated
★ Total user control and fully customisable

• Securely backup photos & videos to any NAS, mobile storage device or personal cloud over SMB, (S)FTP or WebDav
• Download and view photos & videos on SMB, (S)FTP and WebDAV devices / servers
• PhotoSync supports all storage devices with SMB, (S)FTP and WebDAV capabilities from Synology, QNAP & Buffalo NAS, ownCloud, Nextcloud, WD MyCloud, FreeNAS, Western Digital, Seagate, Toshiba, HyperDrive, SanDisk and many more…
• Transfer photos & videos stored on USB or SD devices connected with a USB On-The-Go (OTG) adapter
• No ads

• Backup photos & videos from Android devices to computer (PC & Mac) over WiFi
• Send photos & videos from computer to Android phone / tablet over WiFi
• Transfer photos & videos between Android phone and tablet over your local network (WiFi or Portable WiFi Hotspot)
• Copy and move photos & videos between Android devices and iPhone / iPad over WiFi
• Transfer photos & videos stored on USB or SD devices connected with a USB On-The-Go (OTG) adapter
• Ad-supported

1. Download and Install PhotoSync at
2. Download and install PhotoSync NAS Add-On License
3. PhotoSync will automatically upgrade to PhotoSync NAS Add-On version upon the installation of PhotoSync NAS Add-On License

Securely and safely transfer and backup your pictures and videos directly from your mobile device to any NAS, mobile storage device, remote server or personal cloud – no computer needed!

Transfer to and from NAS devices
• Backup photos & videos to your NAS, remote server or personal cloud over SMB, (S)FTP or WebDav
• Download and view pictures & videos stored on SMB, (S)FTP and WebDAV servers
• PhotoSync works flawlessly with NAS storage devices, servers and personal cloud services from:
- Synology
- QNAP & Buffalo NAS
- ownCloud
- Nextcloud
- WD MyCloud
- FreeNAS
- OpenMediaVault
- Seagate Personal Cloud
- And many more…

Transfer to and from wireless portable hard drives
• Quickly and easily upload photos & videos whilst on-the-go to your wireless portable hard drive over SMB, (S)FTP and WebDav
• Download, share and view photos & videos over SMB, (S)FTP and WebDAV servers
• PhotoSync works seamlessly with all major mobile storage solutions (wireless USB sticks, portable hard drives, cable adapters) from:
- Western Digital
- Seagate
- Toshiba (
- HyperDrive
- SanDisk
- And many more…

Transfer to mobile devices from WiFi SD Cards
• Take pictures, videos & RAWs on your camera equipped with a wireless SD card and download the full resolution files directly to your phone / tablet
• Browse and view photos stored on your Wi-Fi SD Card
• Toshiba FlashAir & Transcend Wi-Fi SD Cards are supported

Full OwnCloud Support
• PhotoSync works seamlessly with OwnCloud photos & videos
• Use OwnCloud’s data protection to achieve maximum security and privacy

Organize like a Pro
• Organize photos & videos automatically by date (recording date & transfer date), media type, album/folder and device name
• Set custom file names (recording date & transfer date)
• Browse, select or create target folder before transfer
• Delete or overwrite files after transfer to free space on device (optional)
• Choose separate transfer quality options for WiFi & cellular connections

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