Train Racing with Friends

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앱 설명

Train Racing with Friends - is the most recent version of Train Racing game.

Have you ever dreamed of being a train Operator? Here is the chance to become a professional train Driver by discovering the risky Indian train routes. Your driving skills will be tested throughout the game on different levels and modes.

In Train Racing with Friends game you need to follow the signal directions and control the train very carefully to prove yourself as the master train driver . The best part of this simulation game is its realistic 3d graphics. Which will present you an amazing time while youi drive your favorite train, you can admire photo realistic graphics including Indian villages, forest, Snowfields, Busy cities, Caves, Beachside and much more.

Time to ful-fill your alltime dream with new Train simulator game. All you have to do is, select your train to drive from huge collection of all Indian made trains and control the longest vehicle by using your finger tips. This new 3d train driving game will let you control the realistic Indian Trains like the Rajdhani or the other Express trains.

Enjoy the world’s best thrilling train journey through the India’s most well-known Konkan Railway. In this Train simulator game, all you have to do is just settle down and take pleasure in the view from your comfortable seat.

Features of the Train Racing with Friends:
• Almost 1000 square miles of terrain
• The Best Train Racing Game
• Realtimr multiplayer Racing game
• More Indian cities to explore
• Dynamic weather and day/night system
• Other trains and traffic on roads
• Awesomely Realistic 3D graphics
• The Best Indian Game
• Easy Controls

Train Racing with Friends is perfect fun for both adults and kids who love simulator games and Train games. Time to enjoy the train Racing game with your friends.

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