Gold Miner Rush: Railroad free Puzzle Games 2020

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앱 설명

In Gold Miner Rush, you are carrying a rail cart and it’s your job to deliver gold by shuffling the railway tracks and making a way for the cart to travel. There is no time limit so shuffle railroad tracks as much as you can until you make a way for the cart and complete the level.

Gold Miner Rush is a good casual game that releases your stress after working for the whole day. This fun game is suitable for both children and adults. Solve challenging and unique puzzles by connecting railroad tracks and building a safe way for the cart to deliver the gold to the next train station and complete the level.

Play Gold Miner Rush now if you are a jigsaw games lover. Easy to play but challenging and engaging, the best option for both kids and adults!

FEATURES of Gold Rush: Railroad free puzzle games 2020 are:

- Classic Rush Puzzles
- Stunning graphics
- Many in-game achievements
- Train games
- New and Exciting Paths
- Great 3D graphics
- Simple controls

A new railroad puzzle game! Gold Rush 2020 is your new favorite railway puzzle game for free! Addictive and fun gameplay that will hook you up for hours! Drag and shuffle the railway tracks to complete the lines for the train and deliver the gold. Each level is a new challenge, how many gold rush levels can you complete?

Gold Rush game for free is truly a relaxing railroad puzzle game where moves are not limited, and it is a “NO LIVES MODE”. Play as much as you can! Just connect the railroad tracks and deliver the gold!

If none of the railway tracks pieces fit on the board, just press the shuffle/undo button and the railway tracks will go back to their initial position. Squeeze your brain and drag the train tracks wisely! Be careful and select the right track to assemble the railroad and get the rail cart delivered safely! How many levels can you successfully complete in this Gold Miner Rush: Railroad Free Puzzle Games 2020?

Relaxing gameplay that mixes pipeline games and classic puzzle games with a railroad-theme where all the railway tracks pieces can be swapped and shuffled to make a way for the rail cart to be delivered successfully. If you get stuck, do not be afraid of it as you can always change, shuffle and switch the train tracks as many times as you need to solve this railway puzzle.

Gold Rush Free Puzzle Game 2020 is a low storage game, you only need 18 MBs to play it! This railroad gold rush game only focuses on giving you a truly fun experience in a low MB game for free. You can play this free puzzle game offline since you don’t need an internet connection to play it. This fun game has no time limit so you can play as much as you want.

So, what are you waiting for? Download this free Gold Miner Rush puzzle game now and start delivering the gold. Also, challenge your friends by completing more levels. Let's BEGIN!

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