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Do you have what it takes to lead a game development company? Discover the exciting gamedevelopment simulation Idle Gaming Industry. Here, you’re the CEO of your own gaming. Ensure the growth and prosperity of your gaming industry enterprise. A business game centered around the development of games – that’s Idle Gaming Industry. Slip into the exciting world of game development businesses.


An employee spends eight hours at work every day and is always ready to rill. Make sure that your staff is happy and content. Expand your gaming industry’s headquarters by building more floors and get more room to hire qualified professionals.

Your worker’s time is previous. You should make sure to provide your employees in the casual game Idle Gaming Industry with a break room and restrooms. If these rooms aren’t available, workers will go home for their breaks, costing the company valuable time. You can make their lives even better by having a gaming room to keep them entertained!


Working computers and clean workspaces are important for the morale in the company, so it’s important to hire qualified personnel for your gaming company, tycoon-game style!

🎮 Programmers develop your games and get your money for your gaming company
🎮 An IT technician is a great help when it comes to small and large repairs in the Idle Gaming Industry casual game
🎮 Education is a big issue for you? The training coach puts his time in the simulation video game into research and generates research points.
🎮 The marketing consultant manages the marketing of your games and nets you larger profits from the games you develop
🎮 Having graphics artists on board gives your business game company happiness points – and the happier your employees are, the more productive they’ll be!
🎮 Workers slacking? A project manager will get them to continue working


Who’s the boss here? Trade in your existing company for boss points which will net you perks such as more floors, room upgrades, and other exciting expansions. Discover the playful diversity of Idle Gaming Industry. Prove your business game talent in the Idle Gaming Industry game.

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