Mop The Floor Tiles Puzzle - House Cleaning Game

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앱 설명

Do you like grid puzzle? Try out our awesome logic puzzle today to start to solve puzzle! Mop The Floor is an addicting brainy teasers where you have to clean room strategically. When you are doing the floor cleaning, you cannot touch the tile that you have mopped. Sounds easy? Are you sure you can solve this floor puzzle today? Why not try this brain fun game now? We bet you will be hooked on the first try. Our logic grid puzzles are way more challenging and engaging than other cleanup games that you’ve ever played! Who can guess that it’s so much fun to clean up your room in spring cleaning rush.

Who likes doing spring cleaning? Nobody. So how do we make floor cleaning fun? Maybe you’ve tried other cleanup games before? Do you like them or do you find them tedious? We want to spice up floor cleaning and cleanup games through our newest floor puzzle! We also like floor puzzles and logic puzzles very much. So why not make an addicting fun logic grid puzzles? That’s how we came up with Mop the Puzzle, cool brainy teasers and logic riddle fun! If you’re ready to sharpen your inductive and deductive reasonings, you can try to solve problems and logic puzzles today in Mop the Floor, our challenging brainy teasers and logic riddles for everyone!

Our tile puzzle is very different than the classic don’t touch the magic tiles or white tiles. It’s not a reaction or reflex game. You need to use inductive and deductive reasonings to solve problems and solve puzzles on each level before you can move on to the next level. Of course, if you’re desperate, you can skip a level after watching a short video.

How to play :
+ Tap on anywhere on the screen to move the character.
+ Guide the character to clean the dirty floors in the room.
+ The Endpoint is not accessible, you need to clean all of it and step on it to win the level.

Features of our logic riddles:
⦁ Sharpen your brain through this addicting brain fun game!
⦁ Game is free, no purchase required.
⦁ Suitable for kids & all ages.
⦁ Music and sound effects.
⦁ Smooth user interface.
⦁ Easy and intuitive on screen controller.
⦁ Beautiful high-resolution graphics.
⦁ Cute, colorful game with cool animation and graphic.
⦁ Simple game concept, but can be very difficult to solve.
⦁ Many levels to practice your skill and enjoy riddle fun.
⦁ Try out different possible solutions to solve puzzle.
⦁ Replay a level when you’re stuck or making a mistake.
⦁ Simple responsive game control.
⦁ Watch a short video to skip a level.

Game rule: mop all the floor, but do not touch the same tile twice. The tile you’ve cleaned will look brighter than the rest. Start from Start point to the End point. Once you touch the bright white tile, you’re dead and has to replay that level. To play: direct the hero (up, down, right, or level) from Start to End It’s such an awesome brain fun, isn’t it?

You can make the concept of clean up more interesting to your kids through this game. They will also learn how to solve problems using inductive or deductive reasoning. Who knows, maybe they will be more excited to clean room and help with the spring cleaning after playing Mop the Floor?


We had great time creating these brainy teasers. Please help us out to make our riddle fun more popular! Share our logic grid puzzle to your friends & family!

mop briny floor the floor is now lava tile flooring lava floor parions the floor is lava

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