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앱 설명

If you are looking for a free novel reader, you can download Waradeer, where you can see any type you like: light novels, books with animated adaptations, stories about reborn heroes, magic realism, oriental Fantasy, World of No Mania, Horror Story, Romantic Love Novel, Fanfiction, Science Fiction, Books about Video Games and the Best-looking Novel Original Stories ⋯ Download this app and watch now
Simple, completely free novel reader:

Simple operation: Click to read for free, simply touch left or right to turn pages.
Use anytime, anywhere: you can use the bookshelf without logging in, you can save the reading position, and easily read the progress when you reopen the application!
Powerful search function: As long as you enter the author or book name in the search box, you can find the book you need. Be careful not to make mistakes!
The default eye protection mode protects your eyes at all times. You can also set the night mode at night, so that you can read comfortably at night!
The story is updated daily! Never get bored with new addictive plots and new worlds!

酷匠 三生三世枕上书 星辰 ライトノベル 掌阅 ラノベ

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