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앱 설명

Produced in collaboration with the Society of Gastroenterology and Hepatology in Nigeria, as well as the Agency for Hepatitis Control of the Federal Ministry of Health, the app is named, Nigeria Hepatitis Network.
The features of the app include the following:
Designed for the public, doctors and policy makers.
• About us:
This section deals with simple introduction about our team.
• Hospitals offering hepatitis service:
Here, the lists of current hospitals, where services for hepatitis have been authenticated by our team. This is a searchable resource and aimed at providing information to the unwary patient and or public. This way, we aimed at dealing with quacks, that have negatively impacted on the health of our people in regards to liver diseases.
• Viral hepatitis and Drug abuse:
This section has 6 subsections – hepatitis B, hepatitis C, drug abuse, alcohol, records of tests and or patients per centre (Editable) and advice on current treatment recommendations.
• Email us:
Users of the app can send emails regarding specific aspects of the app and or advice regarding care for hepatitis issues as well as further collaborations.
• Share the app:
We would hope that the app will gain prominence only when shared among persons as well as healthcare professionals. This section will enable users to share the app with others via social media or emails.
• CME in Liver Diseases:
This part shall feature 4 subsections. One of them will host an multiple choice questions, completion of which will generate scores, and which could be screen-saved and printed off as evidence for continuing professional development.

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