Tractor Mania - Simulator tractor

퍼블리셔: XenonStudio
가격: 무료

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앱 설명

You play for a tractor driver with a cargo trailer.

Tractor Mania is one of your favourite simulations. The game is suitable for players simulator tractor with a trailer.

Mania Tractor Simulator is one of the dream tractor games for tractor simulator lovers.

Your goal is to carry a certain amount of cargo over a distance by driving a tractor

In the game there are 4 types of tractor, each type has its own characteristics and skills to be pumped.
There are also 4 types of trailer - each of them differs in the load of products and strength.

Earn coins by passing levels.
Coins and points are spent to buy improvements or to buy a new vehicle/trailer.

Start playing now!
→ Our game is a challenge to become an expert for this heavy agricultural tractor tractor.
→ Infinity of levels: jumping on cars, houses, logs, bridges, platforms and hills.
→ Over 180 levels.
→ Your duty as a truck driver is to get to the road safely.

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tractor pro traktor traktor pro tractor трактор tractors tracter 트랙터 trato

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