Сказбука – обучающие игры для детей от 2 до 7 лет

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앱 설명

Educational app for kids ages: 24 months - 6 years with games, fables and toons. Letters, numbers, sizes, colors, shapes! Learn how to read and count! Enhance your emotional intelligence and logic skills.

Special atmosphere in the game is created by the music by the British composer Paul Mottram who wrote music for films such as “Rain Man“, “Chaplin”, “Blue Jasmin” as well as TV shows by “Discovery” and “BBC Three”.

«Skazbuka» is your personal kindergarten right in the smartphone!

We have collected in one «bag» everything that the kid needs to know when he will go to school. Open and study! Tasks in math and reading basics, games that teaches different ways of thinking. There is a special section for the cartoons of course! Be welcome to the «Malishariki» and the «Fixiki» series.

A lesson in «Skazbuka» is not like a lesson in school. This is an adventure, a quest! A child travels through a magical world by his own ship! This game is for the bravest girls and boys. The loyal helmsman Rainbow Zebra helps the young captain in his journey.

The author of the project is a specialist in mensology theory Innokentii Skirnewskii. The game becomes more complicated as the child grows up. You could say: «it will be growing with him». What is expected for children 3 years old, never be offered for the one who are only 2 years old.

«Skazbuka» created by artists from the largest companies-developers of computer games «Riot Games», «Games Workshop», who also produce games for children, worked on the project.

The application has a limit of playing time, and you, as a parent, can control it. The child can not be abused by the gadget. Also, app has function of sending reports to your email about childs progress. With «Skazbuka» the kid plays and develop his own way of thinking at the same time.

We are waiting for you in the mobile app «Skazbuka»!
In the menu moms and dads can see a short report of the childs day progress.

Privacy and access policy:
https://zebrainy.com/privacy-policy/ http://zebrainy.com/terms-of-service/

If you have any questions, write to support@skazbuka.com

And send Zebra video greetings from Your baby!
The best of them we will post on the website https://skazbuka.com/

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