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앱 설명

Are you about to negotiate a salary and want to weigh up alternatives?
Would you like to compare two different job offers?
Do you want to switch to part-time or full-time again and check the effects?
Would you like to know whether a job including commuting is worthwhile for you?
With our income calculator in the paid version, we give you the opportunity to get a more detailed view of the monetary value of your work.

Our free version
Would you like to test our income calculator before buying it? Or do you just want to use a free version of our calculator with reduced functionality?
You can find our free income calculator under the following link:

Our calculator not only includes real income, but also calculates your vacation days and unpaid overtime. Our calculator also includes commuting. The focus here is on commuting by car, bus and train, and on foot or by bike.

Your input
Our calculator processes various factors for the individual calculation of your wage which you can enter:
- Your contractually agreed working hours per week in hours
- Your weekly unpaid overtime
- How many working days you have per week
- Your income stated in gross
- Your earnings stated in net (will not be calculated automatically!)
- Your annual paid vacation days

You can enter your income annually, monthly or weekly.

The result
As a result, our income calculator shows you your reported income situation. The special feature of our app is that you can freely decide the calculation interval:
- Annually
- Monthly
- Weekly
- Hourly
Our calculator not only functions as a monthly income calculator, but also, for example, as an hourly wage calculator.
The following parameters are taken into account:
- Your gross earnings
- Taxes and expenses
- The real net income
- The addition of the monetary value of your vacation days
- Deduction of monetary value from unpaid overtime

In addition, your specified commuting options will be offset against your income situation. Our result shows the commuting costs and deducts them from your net income. Also, your working time is extended by the commuting time. So, you can see exactly how much time you actually spend on work.

Your inputs for commuting

- Commuting time
- Distance between home and work by car
- Your fuel consumption of the car
- The assumed fuel price
- Your regular car costs (insurance, maintenance, loan etc.)
- How much does a ticket with public transport cost?

As a result, you can see how much money you spend getting to work and compare different commuting options.
- By car
- By public transport
- On foot or by bike

Additional functionalities

A special feature of our income calculator pro is that you can save your entries for comparison. So you can easily compare two different income situations together with your commuting costs and times.
In addition, our app compares both income options taking the time aspect into account. How much would you have to work to get the income of the first alternative with the second alternative and vice versa?
Our income calculator pro also allows you to calculate how much you would have to work for any amount.

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