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앱 설명

The official mobile application of the annual event, the six outstanding training days (6OTD)
which being holding annually at the constructional Training Institute (CTI) at the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET), serves workers in all sectors of the State of Kuwait and abroad to register for the event and follow up on their attendance, and also allows the ability to download all accredited certificates for the courses.
This application is the latest addition to the event in its new version for the year 2020 to provide many important new services, including communication with lecturers, sponsors and companies participating in the exhibition accompanying the event in addition to the previously mentioned services provided to the trainees.
1- event Registration (courses, workshops and exhibition)
2- automatically recording of Attendance and leaving when entering the venue of the session or workshop in conjunction with the (Beacon) sensors distributed at the venue of the event without the need for paper registration or human intervention.
3- Following up the attendance sheet of the trainee through his personal page for all his registered courses in one place
4- Download and review all certificates obtained by the trainee in the event from its first issuance to the current version 2020 through his personal page.
5- Getting to know all the courses and workshops available in the event
6-Getting to know all the trainers and speakers at the event
7-Getting to know all the participating parties and training partners
8- Getting to know all the authorities and institutions participating in the exhibition accompanying the event
9- Knowing / reaching the rooms and laboratories of the courses and workshops through the floorplan of the event
10- Knowing the exhibition accompanying the event through the exhibition map
11 -Getting to know all the sponsors
12- A special page for Boubyan Bank, the main application sponsor and services provided by the bank
13- viewing the map of arriving at the institute (the venue of the event) by linking to the interactive Google Maps
14- Communicate with the organizers for inquiries or suggestions and Send feedback

constructional 万千锋友

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