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Hatha Yoga for beginners - poses and asanas

퍼블리셔: mEL Studio
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앱 설명

In yoga for beginners app we have combined all the best that Hatha Yoga lessons has and have chosen the most effective yoga exercises to meet with Hatha for beginners, and which one will be also very useful for advanced users.

⭐ All yoga poses and asanas has detailed audio, text and video descriptions and recommendations. Yoga routine is created in such way that it is not only develop the flexibility and boost energy but also work on all muscle groups of all the body. Yoga beginners app is the best and the fastest way to find out what yoga training is and to meet with it.

App features:

3 training programs: basic program yoga for beginners, 5-7 minute yoga classes - for morning exercises and energy and advanced program for the study of all muscle groups and flexibility. App contains 42 different yoga routines for 3 months;
✓ The virtual instructor will show you how to do correctly each of the 33 yoga poses, and each yoga exercise has detailed audio, video, photo and text instructions;
✓ You can create your own quick yoga classes and programs, set their duration, configure the difficulty and rest time;
✓ Smart statistical system will serve as a great motivator and will help you develop a regular stable habit for Yoga practice.

🏆 First Yoga steps will help you to meet and understand what yoga flexibility for beginners is. The combination of different hatha yoga asanas and their sequence will work out all the muscle groups of the body, make a perfect stretch and will let you get an amazing regular yoga routine. By the way, you do not need any special equipment, just the positive mood, up to 20 free minutes and your smartphone. All yoga exercise in this app are free, and suitable for both women and men – take kare of yourself and start your first training.

👍 Good luck!

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