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앱 설명

Photo Phone Dialer - My Photo Dialer

Replace boring Phone Dialer, Calling dial pads with your photo or beauty live background.

Place a photo of your choice to make a dial screen of your own. Photo phone, call my photo an dialer app that helps you replace the monotonous dial screen, custom number keyboard, Dialer📞 Background.

My Photo Dialer Gets different dialer wallpaper like nature, love, abstract also provide home screen lock screen with different theme & shape.

This 4G LTE Network Mode app will help you change network to 4G/3G/2G and stay in chosen network.

Internet Speed Test will measure 3G network, 4G Network and WiFi data. Speed Test is a powerful, advanced tool which helps you to measure Internet connection.

- My photo phone app dialer, it is very simple to set up all the features with your desire.
- Set your photo to Caller buttons for Incoming, Outgoing Calling Screen Dialer.
- latest 15+ caller style themes.
- Attractive and unique phone dialers.
- Love, Rain, Anniversary, Flower, Car - Bike, Nature, Hill Caller theme list.
- Customize or set backgrounds.
- Enable Volte on supported device.
- Real time Internet speed test(kbps, Mbps)
- Data monitor or Band with live download and upload data speed.
- Check your Phone Usage statistics.
- Troubleshoot or verify the speed you are getting.
- Easily to edit profile photo to all contacts user id from the app.
- Smart interface and HD mobile Display.

Thanking to you For Using This app,
give us your Rating and Consider for Future updates.

photo phone t9 dialer

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