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앱 설명

Discover our new Mobile Banking!

Find a friendlier design and new features that will give you more control of your finances, as well as a better banking experience.

With Banca Móvil BAC Credomatic, checking your balance, making transfers and paying bills is just a touch away.

Consolidated balances:
[+] Easily check the balance of all your bank accounts, credit cards, savings objectives, loans, retirement funds and investment funds on one screen.
[+] Quickly access the details of your products.

Bank accounts:
[+] Check details and movements of your accounts.
[+] Share your account number easily from the “I Want” option.
[+] Use the “I Want” option to transfer money, pay for services, share your bank account details, open savings goals and change your card’s PIN.
[+] See debit card’s recent purchases
[+] Check retained transactions.

Credit Cards:
[+] View your recent transactions you’re your month’s transactions (at cut-off) in the same screen.
[+] Check payment due dates.
[+] See due amounts.
[+] Make your credit card payments using your bank accounts.
[+] Check your loyalty program, as well as your earned points.
[+] Check “today’s payments”.
[+] Check recent purchases.
[+] Check the available balance for withdrawal at an ATM.

[+] Transfer money between your own accounts or to other BAC accounts.
[+] Transfer funds to other banks by SINPE or ACH. (1)
[+] Transfer funds through SINPE Móvil (only Costa Rica users).
[+] Save frequent transfer destinations as favorites.
[+] Share the transfer result through third-party messaging applications (WhatsApp).
[+] Include up to three recipients in the email notification.

Savings Goals:
[+] Open new Objectivos accounts. (2)
[+] Create new scheduled savings goals.
[+] See the movements associated with the savings.
We are currently working on adding the options to manage the Objectives Account.

[+] Check the balance of personal loans, mortgages and leasing.

Pension and investment funds:
[+] Check the balance of your pension funds (3).
[+] Check the balance of your investment funds and certificates of deposit. (4)

Other functions:
[+] Enable biometric log in using Fingerprint.
[+] Make approvals of joint transactions.
[+] Change your Online Banking password.
[+] View the exchange rate.
[+] Change your debit or credit card’s PIN.
[+] Contact us via WhatsApp by accessing the "More" menu.
[+] Contact us through "Call customer service".
[+] Toggle language between Spanish and English.
[+] We want to hear what you think of the App! We’ve added a link for you to send us comments or suggestions.

(1): Coming soon for El Salvador.
(2): Except for El Salvador.
(3): Only for Costa Rica and Honduras.
(4): Only for Costa Rica.

Requirements for optimal operation:
[+] The new Banca Móvil version requires Android 6.0 or higher.
[+] It is important to have the latest version of the "Google Chrome" application installed and updated.
[+] Admission to Mobile Banking requires a username and password. If you do not remember or know what it is, you can recover them in the "Problems to enter" option.
[+] Requires stable internet connection either by telephone provider network or via WiFi.

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