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앱 설명

Kilimall is an affordable online shopping app, which makes your shopping in Kenya, Uganda, and Nigeria efficiently and gives you a smooth and valuable shopping experience.


• Shop from certified and trusted sellers, 10M products are waiting for you.
• Impressive discounts on hundreds of items, same quality with low price.
• Online shopping app with daily flash sales and bargain, you can get them at KSh.1 and even KSh.0.
• Search for unique items from global and pay locally.
• Get coin rewards on registration, ordering, reviewing and inviting friends, buy more save more.

So what exactly do you get with Kilimall shopping app?

1. Every new client can get vouchers worth KSh.1,000, and earn daily coin rewards by check-in on app every day, use more get more rewards. Coin reward can be used when you buy products at Kilimall.

2. Access to 10+ million items across all categories, download Kilimall online shopping app, you can search and get what you want quickly.

• Smart phones & Accessories
• Computers & Tablets
• Electronics & Appliances
• Home & Living
• Clothes & Shoes
• Bags & Fashion
• Sports & Outdoor
• Beauty & Hair
• Kids, Baby, Toys
• Office Products
• Automotive

3. Follow up the package status all the way. Login your account, you can know where your package at anytime and receive it on time.

4. Payment services with safety and security.

5. Hundreds of products on mega flash sale with unbeatable price every day.

6. Invite your friends to help you bargain smartphones, electronics, fashion, cloth etc. to free.

7. Enjoy free delivery at KiliShop pickup station, only need to choose your nearest pick up station when place the order.

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